The EUROPEAN DREAM CUP is a new format of international regatta, a major non-profit sporting event, which during the 2023 Summer will bring together 10 crews from 10 different European countries, composed of young people aged 13 to 18, in the wonderful location of Gargnano (BS) on the Lake Garda, which is actually an internationally renowned sailing spot and home of the famous Centomiglia, the longest regatta held in Europe on inland waters. Foiling, the dream of flying on water! Youngsters will be able to approach this new technique using the technologically advanced Persico 69F, the new frontier of sailing, with boats ‘with wings’ similar to those that have made millions of spectators around the world dream during the America’s Cup.

The EUROPEAN DREAM CUP will take place over two weeks, during which will be set up the Sailing Village, a meeting point for locals and tourists, a theatre for training and challenges among young people, full of seminars, workshops and laboratories.



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