The EUROPEAN DREAM CUP project involves 10 European sailing clubs, coordinated by the Circolo Vela Gargnano (Italy), to promote sailing, and foiling in particular, as an inclusive, supportive and sustainable sport.

The EUROPEAN DREAM CUP is a new format of international regatta, a major non-profit sporting event, which during the 2023 Summer will bring together 10 crews from 10 different European countries, composed of young people aged 13 to 18, in the wonderful location of Gargnano (BS) on the Garda Lake, which is actually an internationally renowned sailing spot and home of the famous Centomiglia, the longest regatta held in Europe on inland waters. Foiling, the dream of flying on water! Youngsters will be able to approach this new technique using the technologically advanced Persico 69F, the new frontier of sailing, with boats 'with wings' similar to those that have made millions of spectators around the world dream during the America's Cup.

The EUROPEAN DREAM CUP will take place over two weeks, during which will be set up the Sailing Village, a meeting point for locals and tourists, a theatre for training and challenges among young people, full of seminars, workshops and laboratories. The regatta is part of a broader project supported by the European Union through Erasmus+ Sport, which aims to spread and enhance sailing in Europe as it is an inclusive sport capable of transmitting values such as love and respect for the environment and sharing and unique emotions: energy, enthusiasm, passion.



EUROPEAN DREAM CUP pursues the general objective of promoting the practice of sport as a valuable and irreplaceable tool for social inclusion, a drive towards gender equality and health promotion. It aims to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of healthy physical activity, as set out in the “Council Recommendation of the 26th November 2013 on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors ‘. The HEPA (health-enhancing physical activity) approach is crucial, particularly following the effects of the Covid19 pandemic, which had a strong negative impact on the physical and mental well-being of young people. The project picks up Tartu call for a healthy lifestyle and relaunches it, reaffirming the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and the centrality of sport in its educational value.


The project also addresses sustainability in its environmental dimension, taking up the demands of Europe and the 2030 Agenda to tackle the climate crisis. Individual behaviour is part of a necessary change and more sustainable habits are needed: a sport such as sailing, which is completely environmentally friendly, can play a central role in raising awareness. Few other sports, like sailing, can have such a profound and global impact on how individuals perceive the environment around them and the various elements (water, air, land). The project will therefore be a key tool for the development of knowledge, skills and conscious attitudes on climate change and sustainable development. All the clubs involved will implement information actions (education of children and adults) on the protection of water and marine and lake flora and fauna as well as concrete actions such as choosing eco-friendly fibres for boats and caring for and protecting the environment.


The project develops training and participation by harnessing the potential of digital technology to open up the event to the whole of Europe, allowing anyone to ‘surf the net remotely’ and virtually support the race teams. Cutting-edge and innovative technology is also found in the selected boats, giving young people the opportunity to confront themselves with the top sailing experience currently available. Therefore EDC2022 is an inclusive and viral event that will involve the whole of Europe (in presence and online) in a series of events that will inform, amaze, excite and entertain.